Good morning, ladies. Sorry for my "outburst" yesterday but I was quite frustrated. DH and I had a brief argument and I just stopped talking to him at all. He wanted to fix everything and never argue again so he kept reaching out to communicate with me about what the problem is.

We had a(nother) talk. I wrote down specifically what issues I think we could work on as a couple...and what issues I could work on personally. I asked him to write specific solutions. He declined to put any solutions in writing...since I would have something to throw in his face (which he cannot handle). He said that the solution is simple: he just won't do any of the things that I have on the list to eliminate the potential for arguments.

He's taking me seriously. We just need a very specific plan to follow to make new habits (to bring more romantic love) in this relationship...if we are going to escape this rut.

Mel, I will search for the article you listed. Thank you.

Thank you both!! smile

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