Gerka - The thing about MB is that it is almost like being in the military. All the strategic plans are here, and they are used because they give you the best change of recovering your marriage and winning the war.

I promise you that they work better than anything else available. So you just make up your mind to follow them and not second guess or get discouraged.

I hope you will continue your Plan A even if you don't feel like it. You have done everything right so far, so you just need to trust that MB will work for you.

Sometimes it seems like things take forever and there is no progress, but then things change overnight.

Your wife has some huge problems, not even counting the affair. My guess is that she is angry right now, but will get over that. When you get back, you can consult with the Harleys about when to go to Plan B.

And the ice on the cake is that people who stick with the MB plan either recover their marriages, or move on knowing they did their best, with no regrets.